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Congregation of Unitarian Universalists

Our monthly service will now be on a SUNDAY!! And at 11 AM. Hopefully these two changes will make it more convenient for those of you from all over the island!  

Also we have social gatherings:

    * And then looking a little ahead, our monthly Coffeehouse Church will meet on Wednesday March 4th at 6:30 PM at the Starbucks at Plaza Olmedo (near Interamerican). We will continue with our theme of UU history. Materials will be posted on Facebook soon, but please send me an email if you need me to email them to you directly! *

    Therefore, our next service will be Sunday March 15.2015 in the San Juan Community Library followed by a social hour. Mark your calendars now and see there!

    Our worship services:

      March 15.2015
        April 19, 2015
          May 17, 2015

    Please mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you then!

    What is New

      In the Months of January, February and March

        NEW YEAR'S DAY—Sunday closest to January 1. An opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new year, review our priorities. Themes can include reflection upon the year that has just passed; hope for the promise of the year to come; resolutions to change; review of our carbon footprint; the passage of time; hope; expectation; dreaming of a creating a better tomorrow.

          Some congregations celebrate the Fire Communion Ceremony at this service. In this service, congregants burn pieces of paper containing brief descriptions of something they most wish to leave behind and light a candle for a new hope for the coming year.

        MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. SUNDAY—the Sunday before the MLK holiday, in mid-January. Themes include: King—his life and activities; the civil rights movement; anti-racism; non-violence; social change; activism; ethic of love.

        SCOUT SUNDAY—first Sunday in February. A part of the worship service in which members of the congregation who are in the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts are recognized and honored.

        St. Valentine's Day The theme of Love: How do we define love. The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth.

        BLACK HISTORY—usually in February, for Black History Month; or in March, as James Reeb was killed on 3/9/65 and Whitney Young died on 3/11/71. This service is an opportunity for many congregations to address social justice, racial justice, white privilege, racial identity. Whitney Young (1921-1971) was an African American UU who was executive director of the National Urban League and an activist in the civil rights movement. James Reeb (1927-1965) was a white UU minister who was killed in Selma, Alabama, while supporting the civil rights movement there.

        JUSTICE SUNDAY—Each spring, in conjunction with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, UU congregations nationwide stand together, and set aside one Sunday for worship and education focused on one pressing human rights issue.

        YOUTH SUNDAY—variable. This service is often led by the youth of the congregation (adolescent age). They may plan it with their youth adviser, and/or with the minister or worship coordinator. Themes of the service vary from year to year.


        MEMBERSHIP SUNDAY —variable. This is a service to honor the people who have recently become members of the congregation. Some congregations hold this service twice a year; others once. This service often invites those who have recently "signed the book" to come before the congregation with the minister or worship leader for a special ritual of joining. The new members might share a responsive reading with the congregation or recite a bond of fellowship or covenant together. The focus on membership might be a small part of the overall worship service. Or, the theme of membership might pervade the entire service with the recognition of new members being a piece of that.

        SPRING EQUINOX – usually March 21. Spring themes, including: lengthening of the days; nature coming to life again; joy; hopefulness; reawakening to ourselves after a long winter.

        PASSOVER SEDER—variable. Passover Dates: