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Congregation of Unitarian Universalists

Our monthly service will now be on a SUNDAY!! And at 11 AM. Hopefully these two changes will make it more convenient for those of you from all over the island!


Also we have social gatherings:

    * And then looking a little ahead, our monthly Coffeehouse Church will meet on Wednesday May 6th at 6:30 PM at the Starbucks at Plaza Olmedo (near Interamerican). We will continue with our theme of UU history. Materials will be posted on Facebook soon, but please send me an email if you need me to email them to you directly! *

    Therefore, our next service will be Sunday May 17, 2015 for Flower Communion in the San Juan Community Library followed by a social hour. Mark your calendars now and see there!

    Our worship services:

      May 17, 2015
        June 7, 2015

Please mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you then!

What is New

    In the months of April May and June

     Earth Day

      Living our Seventh Principle. The original Earth Day was on the March equinox. MARCH 21, 2009 is still the International Earth Day. In many countries Earth Day is April 22, 2009.

        Mother's Day second Sunday of May.

      The following is quoted from of Rev. Stefan Jonassen in his "A Canadian Unitarian Almanac And Liturgical Calendar". "In 1872, Unitarian Julia Ward Howe began advocating the creation of a "Mother's Day for Peace" to be held on June 2 each year. The following year, eighteen cities held such a gathering. Bostonians continued to observe the day for more than a decade, while some cities continued the observance until the turn of the century, when the annual "Mother's Day for Peace" appears to have died out. In 1907, Anna Jarvis, a Methodist, began a campaign to establish a permanent Mother's Day. By the following year, the YMCA had taken up the cause and, in 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a congressional resolution establishing Mother's Day in the United States. In time, the day came to be marked in many other countries. Ms Jarvis was troubled by the commercialization of the day, saying, "I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit." Inalterably opposed to the sale of flowers (but not the giving of homegrown blossoms), she also lamented the advent of the Mother's Day card, describing it as "a poor excuse for the letter you are too lazy to write." Interestingly enough, Mother's Day is the most heavily attended Sunday in North American churches, outside of the Christmas and Easter seasons! In Unitarian Universalist congregations, the day has increasingly taken on a sense of being a day to mark the contributions of all women."

    Ecology, Justice, and Compassion

      The United Nations celebrates this day as World Environment Day on June 5,2009. Recycling is an environmental issue. But when a Chicago woman who's never smoked cigarettes gets lung cancer from breathing fumes from an incinerator burning recyclable trash, that's an issue of justice and compassion.

     Our Fathers on Father's Day:

      Our traditional Father's Day Service where you are invited to bring a photograph or some object that represents your father to share with our small congregation. Fathers and Grandfathers may also share stories of fatherhood.