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Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalist Association

Our Ministries

Ministry is not a function of the clergy, but of all persons who actively manifest their values in their daily life.

Ministry is the practical aspect of our spirituality.
Heed your calling and join us
in building a better world!

Lay Worship Ministry

Community Ministry for Life Event Services

The minister prepares the services especially for the persons involved in life passage events order that these services have a special and personal meaning for the families involved.

Ministry for the Arts and Music

  • Provide flowers for each service.
  • Select hymns for services.
  • Read musical notation.
  • Sing and lead singing.
  • Play musical instruments.
  • Work with children on craft projects.

Financial Ministry

  • Make reservations and pay rent for meeting space at the San Juan Community Library.
  • Collect donations at each service.
  • Maintain financial records.
  • Administer congregational bank account.

Membership and Communications Ministry

  • Send out reminders and invitations prior to Services.
  • Maintain electronic and postal congregation mailing lists.
  • Congregation website maintenance.
  • Answer inquiries about activities, and availability of ministers (weddings and other rites of passage).
  • Send a follow-up message to first-time visitors.
  • Send a written mailing (copies of Services) to members who live too far away to attend or do not possess Internet access.

Ministry for Denominational Affairs

Religious Education Ministry

UULatinos Ministry

Social Justice Ministry

What does it take to be a congrgation?

  • 1. The Congregation has a clear and powerful Purpose and Mission.
  • 2. The Congregation is aware of & responsive to the world around it [community presence, engagement].
  • 3. There is vital worship and a vital Sunday experience for all ages.
  • 4. Church is done well [this principle is in reference to administration and leadership, governance].
  • 5. The Congregation cultivates religious community [be a religious alternative not an alternative to religion].
  • 6. The Congregation builds skills to lead and nurtures gifts to serve [equip members to live our faith, in daily & congregational life].
  • 7. Strong ministerial leadership [when present] supports the fulfillment of the previous six principles.